Private Rented Sector News

In this section of the site we have kept both current and historic archive of all news posted on the site so you can look for articles you may of read in the past as they may still be of extreme importance. The Private Rented Sector is one of the most widley talked about sectors in the UK and is currently an extremely hot topic, so we shouldnt be short of stories.

PRS News

09 August 2013
The dream of a private tenant is to own their own home - but as much as 60% of those tenants feel they are trapped. A recent survey by Rightmove says that 96% of private tenants would like to own their own home... [read more]

06 August 2013
Amateur landlords still flooding into buy-to-let says lender - new landlords are continuing to pour into the buy-to-let arena, mortgage brokers reveal... [read more]

05 August 2013
Landlord licensing is one sure way to destroy the Private Rented Sector says Michael Harrison, and believes that this could increase homelessness throughout the UK... [read more]

02 August 2013
More and More Pensioners are moving into the Private Rented Sector and out of home ownerships a new report states today. Apparently according to The Prudential, 42% of retired tenants used to own a home and the main reasoning for selling was to clear debts... [read more]

01 August 2013
There is now an increasing amount of landlords that have decided to quit the Housing Allowance Market due to the impact of universal credit... [read more]

30 July 2013
London Mayor, Boris Johnson has released his final copy of the London Rental Standard, this will mean a large push for landlords and agents towards voluntary accreditation... [read more]

26 July 2013
Angry Landlords in the city of Bath are threatening to challenge a licensing scheme which will involve legal action... [read more]

25 July 2013
Landlords unite over freedom of information act to ensure agents have client money protection when safeguarding landlords deposits... [read more]

02 July 2012
New Deposit Scheme launched in Scotland - Tenants Deposits will now be safeguarded by the new schemes that are in effect in Scotland... [read more]